Wolverhampton headline show confirmed!

newhampton 50

It’s been a while (just over 2 years in fact), but we’re returning to Wolverhampton, the home of our drummer, James.

Our first show of 2014 takes place at Newhampton Arts Centre, Dunkley St, Wolverhampton on Friday 31st January.

We’ll be headlining (supports TBC), and starting the new year with a bunch of new song (as well as some oldies), so come and join us as we blast away those January blues!

We have a £5 advance guest list, so email your names(s) to info@arborlightsband.co.uk and we’ll add you to the list. Otherwise it’ll cost you £6 on the door.

This is set to be a great show at one of Wolverhampton’s best arts venues – we can’t wait to see you there!


Hi everyone. Once again we’ve been really quiet on here and for that I’m super sorry. We’ll do better for you now, baby, I promise. Anyway, there’s a couple of interesting things we can talk about today, so here goes:

EP Copies
Our handmade copies of the EP are proving to be pretty popular! We’re really glad people have been enjoying them. If you’ve snagged one, let us know what number you’ve got! If you haven’t seen them already, go here and check out our hand-made copies of the EP, and then go here to our Bandcamp and buy one. £3 plus postage! You’re practically robbing us.

Getting played at football stadiums and on podcasts
We got played at Molineux football ground on Sunday, just before kick-off between Wolves and Everton. That’s pretty rad!

We’ve also been featured on The Milk Bar podcast, which is a sort of local podcast here in the Midlands – our drummer J got a sort of light grilling about the band from the presenter, and he didn’t swear. Good job! Thanks to Jason Forrest for putting us on – he also was responsible for a few thousand football fans being subjected to Zombie Ska, so he deserves even more love.

The 6forty Project podcast is another amazing collection of post-rock music and they’ve featured us on their latest playlist alongside some of my absolute favourite bands (this is exciting!)

We also got played on the Five Song Set podcast, which is neat and featured a few interesting bands. Check that one out here.

EP 2
On a list of surprises falling somewhere between ‘grass is green’ and ‘grass isn’t very nice to just chew on unless you’re a cow’, we’ve started working on EP number 2. Or an album. Who knows. Some of you who came down to our EP launch gig will have heard a couple of songs (including this one on Youtube – thanks Dad!) that we’ve finished so far and we have a few more in the pipeline. It’s exciting writing again after so long recording and not moving forward! It’s also exciting to see where we’re going as a band. Hopefully you’ll be excited too.

Anyway that’s about it for now. As ever, come say hello here or on our Facebook, where we’ve got into a habit of telling everyone how awesome other bands are instead of ourselves. If you haven’t checked the EP out yet, seriously, what? You’ve read all of this and you haven’t even listened to a bit of it? Go sort it out!

Hugs and kisses, you horrible lot. xo