Hi everyone. Once again we’ve been really quiet on here and for that I’m super sorry. We’ll do better for you now, baby, I promise. Anyway, there’s a couple of interesting things we can talk about today, so here goes:

EP Copies
Our handmade copies of the EP are proving to be pretty popular! We’re really glad people have been enjoying them. If you’ve snagged one, let us know what number you’ve got! If you haven’t seen them already, go here and check out our hand-made copies of the EP, and then go here to our Bandcamp and buy one. £3 plus postage! You’re practically robbing us.

Getting played at football stadiums and on podcasts
We got played at Molineux football ground on Sunday, just before kick-off between Wolves and Everton. That’s pretty rad!

We’ve also been featured on The Milk Bar podcast, which is a sort of local podcast here in the Midlands – our drummer J got a sort of light grilling about the band from the presenter, and he didn’t swear. Good job! Thanks to Jason Forrest for putting us on – he also was responsible for a few thousand football fans being subjected to Zombie Ska, so he deserves even more love.

The 6forty Project podcast is another amazing collection of post-rock music and they’ve featured us on their latest playlist alongside some of my absolute favourite bands (this is exciting!)

We also got played on the Five Song Set podcast, which is neat and featured a few interesting bands. Check that one out here.

EP 2
On a list of surprises falling somewhere between ‘grass is green’ and ‘grass isn’t very nice to just chew on unless you’re a cow’, we’ve started working on EP number 2. Or an album. Who knows. Some of you who came down to our EP launch gig will have heard a couple of songs (including this one on Youtube – thanks Dad!) that we’ve finished so far and we have a few more in the pipeline. It’s exciting writing again after so long recording and not moving forward! It’s also exciting to see where we’re going as a band. Hopefully you’ll be excited too.

Anyway that’s about it for now. As ever, come say hello here or on our Facebook, where we’ve got into a habit of telling everyone how awesome other bands are instead of ourselves. If you haven’t checked the EP out yet, seriously, what? You’ve read all of this and you haven’t even listened to a bit of it? Go sort it out!

Hugs and kisses, you horrible lot. xo

02/04/12 – EP odds and ends, launch gig.

Hello, hello, hello. First of all, I’m really sorry that we didn’t do some hilarious and original April Fool’s joke, like pretended to have written a dubstep version of our album, or that Greg had died in a house fire. Most importantly though, we’d like to thank every single one of you who downloaded our recently released EP. We’ve been blown away with the response and people’s kindness (many of you paid for music you could have got for free!) and we’ve had some great feedback.

We have a couple of bits of news we’d like to share with you, so read on, soul sisters. Wall of text, activate!

EP launch gig – April 21st

Arbor Lights EP
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On Saturday 21st April we will be officially ‘launching’ the EP with a live show at The Flapper & Firkin in Birmingham.

We are lining up some of our favourite local bands to play alongside us and it’s set to be a great night of music, so we’d be chuffed if you could join us and celebrate.

Check out the Facebook event for more info.

We’re also playing with the amazing IO on Thursday at the Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham. It’s going to be ace. See you there, perhaps.

EP now available on Spotify

The ‘Arbor Lights EP’ EP – EP – is now available to listen to on Spotify, along with our 2011 single ‘On A Sea’, so if you’d rather listen there, maybe you should click here to get the goods. Since we get about 0.007p per play through Spotify, telling your friends that they can listen to us there would be most appreciated!

So, what’s next?

Well, we’ve been pretty busy doing this whole ‘EP release’ nonsense which has meant we’ve not had a lot of time to actually write songs. However, we’ve written two new ones completely and if you’re a post-rock whore, you’ll be happy to know that together they’re just as long as our entire EP. You can listen to one of the tracks live here on the Youtubes. It’s pretty pretty.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. Thanks for reading, and continue being excellent, you lovable scamps you.

Much Love, Alex, James, Greg and Matt
Arbor Lights x

For more info, please visit our website.

26/09/11 – Recording, shows, rambling

Hi everyone, how are you? Take a seat, we’ve got some coffee if you’d like some.

Let’s start with the exciting news! On Saturday, Arbor Lights will begin recording their first EP. We’re working with Michael Clarke, also known as 1581 Productions – He was the frontman and creative force behind the band Clarkesville, as well as a local band called Rogue States (whose failure to become massive I blame solely on how crap everyone in the world is). He’s a really talented musician as well as a great producer, so we’re all ridiculously excited to see what he brings to our songs. Do we have anything special up our sleeves? Well, expect really spaced out guitars and a hell of a lot of handclaps. We’ll be posting updates throughout the recordings and maybe a few snippets of songs!

What else have we been up to, you ask? Well, a fortnight ago we packed out The Flapper in Birmingham as part of Artsfest, and managed to do a pretty decent job considering the circumstances – about a half-hour of practice in the two weeks leading up to the show, a sleepless night before hand, and a bassist with the worst case of jetlag ever. Last Friday we supported our friends Adrenaline, who we suspect bring us along to gigs to make them look a lot more metal. They really have no need to do this.

We’ve also been writing more songs. These are taking, at the moment, a bit more of a washed-out, psychadelic feel. They’re the first songs we’ve all written together at the same time instead of in parts, so it’ll be great to see how these come out.

The EP we record will be a nice little document of our first year as a band, really; partly written before J joined, partly written while our bassist Greg was away, and yet still possessing all of our combined input throughout. I’m really proud of these songs and I’m so happy to be able to record them.