Album Launch Show – Friday 19th July

Hathertone Lake Launch Show

We’d like you to join us and our friends for a special evening to celebrate the release of our debut album ‘Hatherton Lake’. We will be playing the album in full along with a couple of other numbers.

Physical CD copies of the album will be available for the first time here, featuring two stunning pieces of artwork by our good friend ReneƩ Sylvestre.

Joining us will be our friends io and Sunrise Over Europe – we saw these two bands one night a few years ago, and they both inspired us to finally start this band in the first place. Completing the line-up are the hotly-tipped Cold Fields.

Our first album, Hatherton Lake, is a self-funded labour of love: forty minutes over five sprawling songs, recorded over the last six months with long-time friend and collaborator Michael Clarke. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved: expansive, washed out guitars colliding with pounding drums and dub-infused baselines.

“Stonking…Slow-burning melodies, that evolve into an intense, heady climax are what this band seems to do best, have a listen, it’s great.”
– Scene Not Herd

A glorious blend of sky-scraping post-rock tones and riffs that don’t as much hit you as smash you. Their most recent album quickly became one of our favourites. Bring earplugs.

Sunrise Over Europe sound like an embodiment of Victorian Britain; the hum and the drone of machinery, the smog on the landscape, the final poetry of some war-ravaged mind on a French battleground. It’s bleak and it’s beautiful, and it’s wonderful in every way.

After a well-received EP last year, Cold Fields have been hidden away working on their debut album (hey, that sounds familiar!). They play sweet, melancholic, easy-going indie with a dash of Brummie charm. Get in on them before the music press does!

On Friday night we played the album we are recording from start to finish for the first time (to other people, anyway). It was real nervewracking! All the songs flow into each other and we had to really focus to make it all work, but it did and we’re real proud of how it came out.

We had the pleasure of supporting Island Three on their reunion/last-ever show. It was a real priveledge. They were amazing as well and we hope they felt it a fitting send-off!