Hatherton Lake out now!

After 6 months of writing, recording, and mixing we’re pleased to announce that our début album ‘Hatherton Lake’ is released today!

Hatherton Lake

Pay What You Want

You can download the album from our Bandcamp page where you can get it for free, or alternatively you can choose to ‘pay what you want’ and chuck us a few quid (which would be most appreciated!).

Limited Edition CDs

We currently have 100 limited edition CDs available – these come in a recycled cardboard digipack, featuring beautiful artwork created by our friend Renée Sylvestre. Get yours now.

Launch Show

We will be playing the album in full at our launch show at The Rainbow in Birmingham on Friday 19th July, please join us!

Support comes from the awesome IO, Sunrise Over Europe and Cold Fields. Tickets cost £5 on the door (16+ show).

Buy the album: arborlights.bandcamp.com

So just out of curiosity, we put our single on Sordo.

If you’ve never used Sordo, you should check it out – alongside a database of links to download records by alternative/left-field artists and bands, there’s a label which has put out some very interesting releases!

Anyway, we uploaded our single to Mediafire (with a note thanking people for downloading, and pointing them to this very page), and added a link to the archive. Bear in mind that the song has been on bandcamp for two weeks, whereas it was only uploaded to Mediafire a couple of days ago.

So, our Mediafire stats:

How did bandcamp do in that time?

Oh. How about in the last week?


That’s not to slag Bandcamp off in any way – their tools are amazing, and have made it super-easy for us to make an attractive presentation for our music, and those numbers don’t amount for a proper percentage of our total downloads (and that’s before we get to the plays!). I guess it just shows if you’re giving your music away for free you can do a lot more than just shove it up on your website!

Have you downloaded our single via a means other than BandCamp? If so, let us know!

Oh, and you can download our single here if you haven’t: BANDCAMP/MEDIAFIRE