Hatherton Lake

Our first album, written over the last two years and recorded between December 2012 and April 2013.


Recorded and mixed by Michael Clarke at Hockley Street Studios, on behalf of 1581 Productions.

Arbor Lights are:
Greg Aston - Bass
Alex Clarke - Guitar
James Clarke - Drums
Matt Elton - Guitar, Glockenspiel

Cornet on 'Silhouettes' by William Bull
Additional instrumentation by Michael Clarke

Artwork by Renée Sylvestre

Our thanks go to our friends and families, and anyone who’s helped us along the way. In particular: Mark Elton, for tireless help and endless support, and the Clarke parents for endlesspatience with all our stuff cluttering their house; Renée Sylvestre for the beautiful artwork, and William Bull for the beautiful cornet playing. 

For inspiration and support, thank you to: Sunrise Over Europe, IO, Those Amongst Us Are Wolves, Prayers, Bad Apes, the fine gentlemen at Hockley Street Studios, Dan Salter at Echoes & Dust, and Paul from PWS Promotions.

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