Off The Cuff gig at The Flapper

Off The Cuff Poster

Our next outing is headlining at Off The Cuff show at The Flapper in Birmingham on Thurs 8th August!

Off The Cuff Presents a one off show on Thursday 8th August…
An evening of instrumental…

Arbor Lights / Constant Waves / Karhide / Ludovico

£3 entry OTD / Tickets available from bands

Constant Waves
Constant Waves are an instrumental band that fuse together math, dance, prog, post rock and anything else that will make your head nod in musical intrigue and enjoyment. Having recorded their debut EP released on Carnage Club Records, and playing some very well received shows since forming in late 2011, things are going well for Constant Waves.

“Combining a level of prog technicality that belies their age with some serious groove and melody; there was no chance anyone was going to talk over these guys” – SLAP Magazine


Karhide, AKA Tim Waterfield, has been programming beats for as long as DJ Shadow – but where Josh Davis came from a background of hip hop culture and breakbeats, Tim’s electronic upbringing in the East Midlands was through the industrial-strength beats of Godflesh and Frontline Assembly.

Karhide records take a blowtorch to the heavyweight guitars of Jesu and Pelican, and fuse them to crushing beats and drifting electronica that increasingly take their cue from the most out-there explorations of Four Tet, as much as the devastating beatwork of Squarepusher.


Formed in late 2012, Ludovico are a two piece instrumental band pulling in influences from a broad spectrum of places. Featuring Alex Didlock on drums & James Gascoigne on guitars, who have played together for fun on and off for many years finally deciding to ‘make it official’ at the end of 2012 and began writing original material.