What an excellent night…our first proper gig in another city went pretty well! Technical troubles all over the place and a busted monitor made the sound on stage akin to wet arses slapping together at times, but hopefully if you caught us you enjoyed it.

The other bands tonight were amazing as well. Brains For Breakfast is one guy, not a band, but he played some excellent acoustic music, including an old Irish folk song that got faster and faster and faster until he was making So Solid Crew’s rapping look like slow-motion. Cable35 were the nicest guys we’ve played with to date, and they rocked the fuck out – awesome grunge revivalists. Puzzles and Like Lions both played some really unique, excellent tunes as well – all four of them are well worth checking out!

Also mad props to the 30+ pirates who came into the bar mid-show. Shame they left before we played, I’d been prepping some pirate banter just in case!

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