Hey guys, it’s been a while since we updated you properly, but I assure you we have been working hard!

We’re currently working on UK/Ireland and EU tours with our booking agents, it’s all shaping up very nicely and we shall confirm the dates with you soon! As for now the only two dates we can give you for sure are the 19th July 2011 where we’re curating and playing another night at The Macbeth in London and that we’re also playing the special Erased Tapes night at Haldern Pop Festival in August. It’s always great playing in Germany and we had a lot of fun at the Haldern Pop Bar back in January so we’re really looking forward to it!

We’re now in the flow of writing new material for future collaborations/album 3 so hopefully we’ll be able to show you some of the results on the road later in the year.

We would like to thank everyone at Tom Robinson’s BBC 6 music show for ending Sunday night’s show with our song ‘Washington’ and another huge thank you to those at BBC 2’s Countryfile for using our music so regularly, we really appreciate it!

We’re going to get back into the swing of giving you regular updates, so as soon as there’s something to tell you…BAM! Knowledge in your brain about us via this blog!

Hope you’re all well, be sure to donate money to the wonderful Friends Of The Earth! ( Peace,

Listen back to the BBC6 Music show here.
Check out the Haldern Pop Festival site too

These lucky buggers are playing with a tonne of awesome bands! Hopefully eventually they’ll play near us (and let us play too).

Good luck guys!

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